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Let's turn your vision into a reality

Welcome to Graham Payne Miller Photography! Graham's specialty is lifestyle photography and photojournalism, and is prepared for any situation he is presented with. Graham will help bring your vision into a reality with his unique skills and way of looking through the lens. He strives to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of my clients!

What's your vision?

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Through my photographs, he wants to show what makes you, YOU! I do this my building a relationship

with you and finding out those small details. What or who makes you smile? Do you have any hobbies?

Building a relationship with my clients helps them to become more comfortable and trust me to bring

out their uniqueness in each image!


When we work together, I will provide a unique experience tailored to you, and will go the extra mile to

make sure that you have an experience unmatched to any other and that each image is created to be its

best. You will be presented with a gallery of beautiful images with high resolution downloads that will look

stunning both printed and digitally!

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Those hard to capture moments

Even in the hardest circumstances, I will capture the moments, both big and small, to tell the story of an

individual or team. With my extensive knowledge and capabilities regarding sports photography, I will not

only capture the moments visible on the court, ice, or field, but I will capture the moments on the bench and

in the locker room, giving my clients that view behind the scenes at the passion behind the action.


I strive to tell the story of each individual or team I cover. I will capture the moments of both victory or loss,

because they are equally important. Through my images showcasing victory, I will display the hard work and

determination it took to get to that moment, and I will capture the moments of celebration. Through loss, I will

showcase the effort that the individual or team took to get to this point. My images will help display the

importance of the event or game, and can be used to help the individual or team move forward and to create

determination to better the next game or season.

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